• Vantage Pack Tray Packer
    Available September 2017 - Description:  Ask us about pairing this machine with a shrink wrapper. Vantage Pack Model 75 tray packer - new in '98.  A perfect machine for growing brewer, bottler or canner. Currently running 12-count 15 oz cans at 45 cases per minute.  36" throughput elevation. Ability to run 12 or 24 count.
  • Pallet & Bulk Conveyor System
    Excellerator™ Pallet Conveyor from Simplimatic Automation is a modular twin-track system designed for the transport of medium to heavy weight pallets or carriers during the manufacture or assembly of electronics equipment, major appliances, and automotive assemblies.
  • Capmatic-Beltstar
    Inline tightening system Capable of operating at speed of 300 BPM or 90 feet/Minute. One special structure completely made of stainless steel 304 Sealed Electrical cabinet incorporated into the base “C” Frame designed easily install over an existing conveyor. Motorized height adjustment.
  • Hamrick-Case-Erector-&-Bottom-Taper
    The Hamrick model TE-15 Case Erector is PLC controlled, comes with a bottom taper and easy load tray magazine. The unit is capable of speeds up to 15 cases per minute.
  • Capmatic-Road-Runner
    Complete mechanical continuous motion capping machine for plastic or glass containers.
  • Capmatic Mini Jolly
    Semi-automatic tightening machine with mechanical and pneumatic movement Completely covered with stainless steel.
  • PAI Case Palletizer
    The 3100 Model Palletizer is a one zone right angle palletizer. It is an all electric/pneumatic controlled palletizers. All motors are high energy efficient with Allen Bradley Drives.
  • Priority One High Level Case Palletizer
    The FLI Case Palletizer offers a blend of Busse/SJI quality and performance with the speed capacity and value of a high-level palletizer.
  • Priority One Mini Low Level Case Palletizer
    Compact and full featured for maximum productivity. The Pro-Pal Mini from Priority One, a division of Busse/SJI, is a compact, full-featured, low level palletizing system designed to palletize products efficiently with minimal operator attention.
  • Priority One Multipal Shuttle Case Palletizer
    Busse/SJI introduces the Pro-Pal MultiPal Shuttle Low Level Case Palletizing system from Priority One. This case palletizer features a heavy duty welded steel shuttle-car equipped with 2 to 5 pallet positions, depending on the configuration.  
  • ABC Model 108 High Level Discharge Bulk Depalletizer
    This Model 108 high level bulk depalletizer delivers low level operation and high level container discharge, providing all the benefits of high level bulk depalletizing with the simplicity and convenience of a floor level machine.
  • ABC Model 108 Low Level Discharge Bulk Depalletizer
    This Model 108 bulk depalletizer delivers low level operation and container discharge, providing the simplicity and convenience of a floor level machine.