Bulk Palletizers

Valiant Industries sells new and used bulk palletizers capable of efficiently palletizing products at production speeds. Requiring minimal attention, these palletizers maintain durability for continuous production.

  • PAI’s Gantry Hybrid Palletizer is built using Rockwell Automation’s newest series of Servo CIP motion controls. NO THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE INTERGRATION is required.
  • The Eclipse Series Robotic Bulk Palletizer offers a high-speed heavy duty articulating robotic arm compatible with any existing system configuration. With limited space, this series small footprint allows you to save valuable floor space.  
  • Valiant Industries presents Busse Classic R Series High Level Bulk Palletizer. Our innovative Classic R Series Palletizer sets the industry standard. Our standard palletizer can be customized to fit any company’s needs, allowing for a seamless integration with your production equipment.