Case Erectors

Valiant Industries sells new and used case erectors flexible to manage various case sizes. With high speeds, these case erectors produce cases quickly and efficiently for smooth production.

  • The Hamrick model TE-15 Case Erector is PLC controlled, comes with a bottom taper and easy load tray magazine. The unit is capable of speeds up to 15 cases per minute.
  • The Model 340 Case Erector is a workhorse case erector built to manage the special requirements of oversized corrugated cases. The Model 335 Tablock Case Erector is the ultimate in flexibility- it runs RSC Tablock, RSC, HSC and CSSC cases- with no change parts required.
  • Model 330 for when you need a high performance case erector / tape sealer, choose the machine built for the job. Model 212T a mid-range case erector / tape sealer is no lightweight; It's small but tough, built for reliable case forming at speeds to 15 cpm. Model 300T is built for speeds from 15 to 25 cases per minute.
  • Performance-proven on packaging lines spanning North America. The ABC Adhesive Case Erectors, providing durability along with high speeds during forming and sealing of corrugated cases.
  • For high speed case erecting, choose the High Speed Erector and Sealer. This case former runs up to 55 cases per minute, providing square, well-sealed cases to high speed lines.