Case palletizer

  • Valiant Industries presents ABC Palletizers, offering options for high speed, heavy duty, flexible, and reliable palletizing. Call Us Today: 888-989-6273
  • PAI’s Gantry Hybrid Case Palletizer is built using Rockwell Automation’s newest series of Servo CIP motion controls. A two-headed system is capable of running in single or dual head mode. The Gantry can be retrofitted for existing palletizers or new installs. The 3100 Model Palletizer is a one zone right angle palletizer. It is an all electric/pneumatic controlled palletizers. All motors are high energy efficient with Allen Bradley Drives. This model is built heavy duty but price economical to meet your demands. Model 4500 – Speeds up to 45 CPM 4500 Series Right Angle Palletizers is the most versatile palletizers on the market today. Model 5200 – Speeds up to 130 CPM FEATURING: Electric or Hydraulic Drive System Heavy Duty Tubular Construction High Speed Line Divider Soft Case Turning System Pattern Forming Area Low Pressure Layer Placement Forklift Type Pallet Dispenser Easy-To-Use Touch Screen Display
  • Offering higher capacity than entry-level systems, the Pro-Pal UniPal from Priority One can palletize a higher layer weight at significantly higher speeds. The Pro-Pal Mini from Priority One is a compact, full-featured, low level palletizing system designed to palletize products efficiently with minimal operator attention.
  • The Typhoon is a robotic case palletizing system which combines non-robotic layer-forming technology with a robotic palletizer to transfer and stack a full layer of product at a time using a roller curtain.
  • Valiant Industries presents Priority One introduces the Pro-Pal MultiPal Rotary Low Level Case Palletizer system that requires 1.5 layers of case accumulation per production line. This dramatically reduces case conveyor requirements, as well as, the associated capital and maintenance costs. Pro-Pal MultiPal Shuttle allows 2 to 5 pallet positions, centralizing palletizing activity to one machine, increasing activity further in production.