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Pacific Brewery Systems of Pomona, CA 30BBL JACKED BRITE TANK

Constructed of 304 stainless steel, tank material thickness is 3mm, jacket and outer shell thickness is 2mm.

Approximately 108″ tall and 66″ in diameter.

Very nice stainless steel tank, Insulated & Jacketed, Vertical/Cylindrical Tank Includes:

· Front man-way door

· Rated to 30 psi

· 930 total gallons

· CIP ball & arm w/pressure gauge

· Thermometer port

· Sample valve port

· Carbonation Stone port

· Additional drain/out port at bottom

· Glycol ports on back

OPEN TOP FERMENTATION TANK by Letina 30 BBL (900gl) stainless jacketed tank with sloped bottom. (will sell separately for $13,700)

This is an open top fermenter perfect for kombucha, wine sour beer etc! A floating lid will need to be purchased separately for wine or beer.

2” Butterfly Drain Valve, Sample Port, Sight Glass Fitting, Thermometer

Beautiful Italian construction with mirror finish.

All valves and fittings included.

Approximately 96″ tall and 66″ in diameter.

Been a great tanks for us with zero issues. Meticulously cared for. Excellent quality at a reasonable price.