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Complete Beer Bottle Line

Highly versatile, it is capable of single 10-barrel runs all the way up to 5,000 barrels per week. Commissioned in 2002 and decommissioned in 2016, this line served us well, bottling 171,000 barrels in its last full-year of use.


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The equipment is currently undergoing a complete rebuild of all major serviceable components. The sale includes an inventory of more than $80,000 in spare parts as well as all manuals. To assure the high quality standards and operational efficiency demanded by brewery ownership, operation, maintenance and upkeep were of paramount importance for this equipment.

This bottling line includes Bulk Glass Depalletizer, Rinser/Filler/Crowner, Bottle Warmer, Labeler, Drop Packer, Top Sealer, Palletizer & Stretch Wrapper. In addition to all associated conveyors, a complete box shop to assemble and handle 4, 6 and 12-packs completes the package.

Service history, quality data, and AutoCAD layout (for spatial reference) available upon request.

Complete component list and serial numbers

  • Bottle Filler, Krones 260-bpm 40-valve Mecafill VK2V Mechanical Fill Valve, serial #121-739
  • Bottle Rinser, Krones Variojet, serial #563-229
  • Low Level Depalletizer, Oullette Machinery Systems BKD-700, serial #203
  • Crown Hopper/Conveyor, Ouellette Machinery Systems PC-3060-50-4-DX, serial #92
  • Ink Jet Marking Machine, Inkjet Excel 2000 Opaque, serial #032550004WD
  • Ink Jet Marking Machine, Inkjet Excel 1701, serial #I93J02005
  • Ink Jet Marking Machine, Inkjet Excel  2000 Opaque, serial #040281013WD
  • Bottle Warmer, Uniflow (UNI-PAK Corp) 610LH-EX, serial #80-2237
  • Bottle Labeler, Krones Starmatic, serial #80-660 (mfg date 1983)
  • Drop Packer, Hartness International, serial #8-799
  • Case Sealer, Standard Knapp
  • Palletizer, General Conveyor Co.
  • Stretch Wrapper, Lantech QA-001846
  • 6-Pack Popper, Pearson, serial #9610018477
  • 6-Pack Stuffer, Pearson, serial #2011MP3512663
  • Case Erector, Pearson RSC, serial #2005035010806
  • Case Erector, Pearson RSC, serial #2005035010809
  • Vertical Tray Former, Box-Mate AT-SH, serial #4192
  • All associated conveyors