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CRM Sector Simplex Multi-Blade Meat Slicer

CRM Sector Simplex Multi-Blade Meat Slicer, Sold as is where is in good working order

when removed from production.

The machines can be fitted with an optional internal pressure washer

This machine is now set-up doing jerky strips at 3/4in CC using serrated blades.

  • Features  600
  • Slice width (mm):  6-50
  • Blade diam. (mm):  250
  • Max. product width (mm): 600
  • Power: 220V / 3-phase / 20amps
  • Weight (approx.): Slicing machine 540lbs / In-feed Conveyor 200lbs / Discharge Conveyor 200lbs


Comes with Feed Conveyor and Discharge Conveyor wash-down

Extra Blades and change parts included (pictured)

The CRM Sector Matic range of multi-blade slicers can, in a single, four-second cycle, cut an entire piece of meat into slices of equal width, eliminating nearly all waste.

CRM Sector Matic range is manufactured entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel that is bacteria resistant, are fitted with protective equipment to provide maximum safety, and are so easy to use that they can be operated by non-specialist personnel. The areas that come into contact with food are easily inspected and cleaned, supporting a full wash-down of the machine as required by EU and US laws. CRM SIMPLEX MATIC slicers therefore provide high productivity with reduced labor requirements, cutting both production time and costs.

Can slice a variety of meat, fish and poultry products, 6mm to 50mm slices can be achieved on this machine

AISI 304 bacteria-resistant stainless steel, Food contact areas can be easily cleaned and washed down.