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Handtmann VF-100 Vacuum Filler Portioner

The Handtmann VF100 is a high quality Vacuum Filler that is suitable for small good stores, supermarkets, butcher shops and other meat productions that require filling and portioning. Featuring a filling capacity of 3,000kg/h, filling pressure up to 55 bar, portioning speed up to 420 port/min, portioning range of 5 – 100,000g, and hopper volume: 90/240 liters  The hygienic design of this Vacuum Filler makes cleaning easy and effective.

  • Filling capacity: 3000 kilograms per hour
  • Filling pressure: Up to 55 bar
  • Portioning speed: Up to 420 portions per minute
  • Monitor control
  • Hopper capacity: 240 liter