Ilapak 1000 PC Flow Wrapper


  • PC-controlled HFFS machine with rotary sealing jaws.
  • Multi-axis drive technology with 3 independent drive circuits, consisting of an AC motor controlled by a frequency inverter, for product infeed, sealing rollers and rotary sealing jaws.
  • A simple-to-use operator interface allows quick product change-over.
  • 64 program memory; two-level password protection security.
  • Automatic adjustment of film-pull, infeed and sealing parameters during product or program change.
  • Precision temperature control circuits ensure seal strength and quality.
  • No product/No bag.
  • Misplaced product detection system.
  • Single piece transparent guarding with safety interlock.
  • Robust mechanical construction with welded sheet metal main body, epoxy powder coating or (opt.) stainless-steel finishing.
  • Hygienic design with cantilevered body and infeed, for easy clean down.
  • Single film reel mounting with self-centering cones, right hand machine version, 2 m long infeed, standard.


Machine Speed

  • Up to 130 CPM, Single Jaw.  Speeds can be increased by adding an additional jaw.

Product Dimensions

  • Length:  50/550mm – 2/21.6″ with any jaw centers and length
  • Width: 20/230mm – 0.8/9″ with jaw length 250mm – 9.8″

20/300mm – 0.8/11.8″ with jaw lenth 325mm – 12.8″

  • Height:  Up to 90mm – 3.5″ with jaw center 150mm – 5.9″

Up to 120mm – 4.7″ with jaw center 180mm – 7.1″

Film Cut-off

  • Up to 630mm – 24.8″

Wrapping Materials 

  • Suitable heat-sealable films, such as plain, or co-extruded polypropylene (PP) laminate films (e.g. OPP+PE), polyethene films (PE) as well as cold-sealable films of suitable quality

Film Reel Dimensions

  • Core:  76mm-3″
  • Outer: 350mm – 13.8″
  • Width:  650mm – 25.6″

Film Reel Max. Weight

  • 40Kg – 88 Lbs

Electronic Platform

  • Industrial PC

Power Requirement

  • 220-480V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase, 5 Kva

Compressed Air

  • 6 Bar, 1 L/min with air gusseting

Machine Weight

  • 900Kg – 1984 Lbs