NID Mogul Model: M 301

Items Included:
Feeder Section
Starch Buck Section
Depositor Section
Two NID Pumps
Stacker Section
Underfeed Section
Duster Section and Underfeed Conveyor.
Machine Dimensions:
Length: 42’ x Width: 7.6’ x Height: 9.7’
Performance:Processes 15 trays per minute.
Auto fed from, and stacks, 30 tray stacks.
Tray Dimensions: 14.5” x 32”
Pump/Depositor Section: Pumps/Deposits 190lbs + per minute.
Pump Information:Pump Quantity: 2, Each with a Separate Hopper
Pistons: 96 Pistons in Total
Piston Layout: 75mm x 736mm
4 Rows, 25mm Apart
24 Columns, 32mm Apart
Piston Diameter: 14mm
Electrical: 240V