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Rebuilt Stone/Premier Tech Pinch Bag Sealer

Model 90-J Pinch Bottom Bag Closer efficiently closes the open top of filled pinch bottom open-mouth multiwall bags and woven polypropylene bags.

It activates the pre-applied hot melt adhesive, folds the top flap against the face of the bag and compresses to set the closure, providing a strong, attractive package.

Model 92-J Pinch Bottom Bag Sealer/Closer provides an effective double closure of pinch bottom open-mouth bags by sealing the bag’s inner poly liner first.



Features and benefits

  • Bag material: open-mouth multiwall bags (model 90-J and 92-J) and woven polypropylene bags (model 90-JS)
  • Time-tested: model 90 was developed in 1963 and has been redesigned 10 times
  • Accessible: machine cover pivots and compression belt assembly rotates up for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Belt breakaway: pushbutton removes belt pressure and enables instant removal of bag
  • Variable belt speed: VFD enables easy adjustment of belt speed for optimal operation
  • Temperature Control – Digital controllers provide consistent and precise temperatures
  • 40 inch long sealer bar assembly allows for lower temperatures and faster speeds (model 92-J)

Production Rate

  • Up to 30 BPM with belt speeds up to 100 fpm
  • Up to 45 BPM with belt speeds up to 150 fpm


  • Powered height adjustment – by air motor
  • Interface to high-speed automatic operations
  • Bag top cleaner for sticky or dusty products
  • Bag top coder
  • Bag conveyor VFD controls
  • Construction for dust explosion environments
  • High speed version, 77 fpm to 150 fpm
  • 230V