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Weber 5 gallon Pail Filling Line

Weber stainless steel food grade pail filling line model mp-4127-1. system is designed to automatically fill and lid 5 gallon or similar pails. was running concentrated soup bases for branded manufacture.

System includes pail magazine infeed conveyor carrying stacked pails to magazine in inverted position, pail denesting station at base of magazine, pail rotator station inverts pail to upright position for loading, fill station with weigh cell controlled fill weight, air operated lift raises pail from moving conveyor surface during filling cycle, drip tray and rotary valve, automatic lidding, cover seating station with two height positions and air lift raising pail to press on lid, transport conveyor though machine consists of two 1.125″ wide aceytal transport chains on 7.125″ centers, all motors are stainless steel wash down duty and all control panels and electrical enclosures are nema 4/4x rated, discharge conveyor, operates on 440 volt/3 phase/ 60 cycle with compressed air required, all stainless steel food grade construction, allen bradley slc 500 programmable control system