(2) Available – These are used AAA Metal Fab closed top jacketed fermenter / storage tanks. They were designed for distillery or winery use but would be excellent blend tanks as well. Specifications are as follows:

-3500 Gallon usable capacity
-(3) full wrap areound cooling jackets that cover the majority of the straightwall
-Side inswing manway
-Top outswing manway
-Slope bottom
-(6) legs with adjustable footpads and cross bracing
-Site glass with level readout
-1.5″ cip arm and sprayball
-1′ blow off arm
-Port for sample valve (capped – no sample valve)
-2″ bottom total discharge
-Racking port with valve
-Temp controller with digital readout
-PRV on top
-(4) lifting eyes
-Dimensions are approx 16′ tlal x 7′ OD

These tanks are in excellent condition and ready to use. They will ship from our Portand, Oregon location.