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High Quality Used Packaging Equipment

Wikipedia states “A package provides protection, tampering resistance, and special physical, chemical, or biological needs.” This is where we come in. Valiant Industries designs and supplies packaging, process and conveying equipment and systems. We also buy and sell used packaging equipment and used process equipment, by the piece, or by the whole production line.

HONESTY is what differentiates Valiant from many of our competitors in the used packaging equipment and used process equipment industry. We deal with used packaging equipment dealers on a daily basis – and we know that there are a select few that can be trusted. 

We wish we knew everything about the equipment we have – our promise to you is that you will know everything that we know about the packaging equipment for sell!

The Leaders in Used Packaging Equipment

Equipment Pricing Philosophy

First of all our philosophy is simple: Our packaging equipment pricing is always going to be the most competitive in the industry. We want our customers to continue to buy from us. Furthermore, much like everyone else, we do hope to get rich – but not on every sale.

Clearance Items

We buy lots of equipment therefore sometimes we get beauty the contest winners and sometimes we get the beauty contest losers. Rather than just tossing it away, we have created a “clearance corner” section for the equipment that needs a little more lovin’ than we want to give, but is still too good to scrap. Like they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. 

We will offer our honest assessment of the equipment and let you decide if it fits your description of “treasure“. If you have a hose, a torch, and a hammer (JB Weld and duct tape too!!) there might just be something in there that you can use….for something….

Feed the Used Equipment Monster

We can’t very well sell used packaging equipment if we don’t have any to sell, can we? That is where YOU come in because we can’t keep the supply going without your help. PLEASE let us buy, market or sell your idle packaging and process assets. We offer several different ways to help you help us help you.


Our equipment purchasing agents make the process simple and painless from the start to finish.

  • Direct Purchase – We pay you an agreed upon price and your equipment goes from your dock to its new home.

  • Consignment A: Valiant lists, markets and sells your equipment, you maintain possession of the asset, and we receive an agreed upon commission at the close of the sale.

  • Consignment B: Valiant lists, markets, and sells your equipment while storing it in our facility. You pay for the freight to our facility. Valiant Industries will cover the cost of storage for the first three months. After three months of storage in our warehouse, a nominal monthly warehousing charge will be applied.

Please contact us or call our equipment buyer now to discuss the best option for you if you are considering liquidating some of your idle assets.

Used Packaging Equipment
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