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ABC Decasers

Valiant Industries presents ABC Packaging Decasers, the next generation of high speed, reliable unpacking.

With a variety of decasers, benefits include:

– Eliminate hand labor and reduce production costs

– Maintain a consistent container supply to the filler

– Ensure gentle handling to reduce container damage and instability

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Model 49 Necks Down Decaser

Here’s a compact Model 49 decaser / single filer designed for high speed unloading of reshipper cases to ensure a continuous supply of empty bottles to your production line. Utilizing a side belt case drive, this decaser has the versatility to run glass or plastic bottles from RSC, HSC or RSC-tablock style cases and offers quick and easy changeover. With this combination of speed and flexibility, this decaser is the solution to meet bottle handling needs now and in the future.

Model 156 Necks Down Decaser

When you need automatic unpacking and single filing from reshipper cases, rely on the industry standard, the Model 156 decaser. This unloader and single filer is a workhorse that does the tasks of three separate machines:

Flap opener- it opens all four flaps of reshipper cases

Decaser- unloads the containers from the reshipper case with no drop

Single filer- single files the containers, in continuous, mechanical, high speed operation.

With built-in flexibility to run many styles of glass and plastic containers, including rounds, non-rounds, flasks, jugs and jars, this decaser is a solid investment in packaging productivity.

Model 101U Pick and Place Uncaser

Gentle product handling and precise operation are key in maintaining maximum package quality, and A-B-C lift and place uncasers provide both. Synchronized operation keeps containers under complete control during uncasing. PLC electronics precisely implement all operating commands to ensure accurate placement, and provide instant response to changing production conditions.

For glass or plastic containers, choose the Model 101, a pick and place uncaser that provides smooth and gentle product handling to maintain optimum package integrity.

Model 360 Uncaser and Case Packer for Bottles

This new 2-in-one design simultaneously uncases empty bottles from reshipper cases while place packing full bottles, utilizing only one machine, in one location, with no labor. This innovative machine will increase line productivity by eliminating manual uncasing and case packing; reducing bottle breakage and label damage; and ensuring a consistent bottle supply to the production line.