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Case Conveyor, Carton Conveyor, Tote Conveyor

Whether you are transporting, cases, cartons, or totes, Valiant Industries has the right conveyor for your application.

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Whether you are transporting, cases, cartons, or totes, Valiant Industries has the right conveyor for your application.

Live Roller Conveyor

Valiant Industries offers 4 types of live roller modular case conveyor: Adjustable Pressure (AP), Photo Eye Accumulation (PE), Singulation Air (SA), and Transportation Air (TA). Zero pressure accumulation is accomplished using the live roller Photo Eye accumulation and the Singulation Air conveyor. Adjustable Pressue and Transportation Air provide transportation on live roller options.

  • Four available product types: (AP) Adjustable Pressure, (TA) Transportation Air, (SA) Singulation Air, and (PE) Photo Eye Accumulation.
  • Zero pressure air-operated accumulation is achieved with the use of a mechanical sensor roller (SA) or a photo eye sensor (PE)
  • Pressure roller drive (AP) and air-activated lifter roller drive (TA) provide a transportation only option.
  • Available in 2″, 3″, and 4″ roller centers. 100 lb/ft live load capacity, 8″ wide flat belt drive.
  • Pre-engineered figures: entry, intermediate and exit beds, merge and divert beds, drive and take-up beds
Motor Driven Roller Case Conveyor

Motor driven roller (MDR) conveyor is quiet, safe, low maintenance and offers non-contact zero pressure accumulation. AutoRoll conveyor features “run-on-demand” zones, reducing energy consumption and noise.

Automotion’s motorized roller conveyor line is the most complete in the industry. It is available in several pre-configured modular conveyor figures, including straights, curves, inclines, declines, merges, diverts, and transfers. Our bi-directional heavy-duty transfer alone is one of the best performing mdr transfers available.

AutoRoll conveyor can also be equipped with one of (2) control options: Itoh-Denki or Insight Automation.

  • Quiet, energy efficient, safe operation. Turns itself off when no cartons are present.
  • Designed to handle cartons and totes up to 75 pounds in weight.
  • PLC control with accumulation logic in the control card. Network control available.
  • Available in:roller or belted configurations, rollers Low-in-frame or High in frame
  • 3″ roller centers and tight-pack curves available
  • Extensive list of pre-engineered figures: straights, inclines/declines, curves, merges, diverts, transfers and sort station
Belt Conveyor

Valiant offers two types of belt case conveyor: roller bed and slider bed. The slider bed is a typical full-pan construction while the roller bed uses a a hidden roller configuration to prevent product from getting caught between rollers.

Belt conveyor is available in a wide variety of pre-configured figures including: entry, intermediate, and exit conveyor beds, drive and belt take- up beds, and power feeder and nose over beds.

  • Available in a slider or roller bed design. Slider bed is a typical full-pan construction. Roller bed uses a hidden roller configuration to prevent product from getting caught between rollers.
  • All terminal ends, drives, supports, guard rail, and belting are interchangeable between (SB) slider bed and (RB) roller belt models.
  • Widths of 18″, 24″, 30″ and 36″ are standard; 42″ and 48″ widths are options. Live load capacity of 130 lbs. / ft.
  • Automatic belt take-up is standard.
  • List of pre-engineered figures include: entry, intermediate, and exit beds, drive and belt take-up beds, and power feeder and nose-over beds.
V-Belt Live Roller Conveyor

 V-Belt driven case conveyor incorporates a modular bolt-together design enabling numerous job-specific assemblies to be configured from a handfull of standard components. Straight, curve, and junction configurations are easily made from the v-belt motor driven or slave driven units

The v-belt conveyor also has a number of features, like the specially designed snub driveshafts, that ensure your conveyor system is easy to install and maintain.

  • New 10″ deep cross section accomodates larger diameter pulleys to prevent any back-bending and extend the life of the vbelt
  • Press-on plastic tapered shells result in a true light-weight tapered roller.
  • “Quick” belt changes are possible with specially designed drive and terminal ends.
  • Available in standard or “tite-pack” roller centers. Live load capacity of 100 lbs. / ft.
  • Automatic belt take-up standard.
  • List of pre-engineered figures includes: entry and exit terminal ends, intermediate beds, drive and slave-drive ends.
  • Figures can be configured to create straights, curves, and sweeps.
Gravity Roller Conveyor

Valiant offers pre-engineered gravity roller conveyor is an economical, durable, and safe solution to move your light to medium duty loads. The roller spacing is strategically designed to transport a wide range of products including rigid, soft, and even fragile.

Our gravity roller conveyor is ideal for the loading and unloading areas of shipping or receiving and station-to station locations.

  • Roller gravity conveyor is available in standard or light duty..
  • Standard duty is composed of a 3-1/2″ deep 10 ga. frame with 1-7/8″ rollers with a 7/16″ hex axle. Has a 100 lb. / ft. live load capacity.
  • Light duty has a 2-1/2′ deep 12 ga. frame with 1 3/8″ rollers and a 1/4″ round axle. Available in 18″ or 24″ widths only. Rated at a 50 lb. / ft. live load capacity.
  • List of pre-engineered figures include: straights, curves, sweeps, and air-brake beds.
Sortation Systems

Several equipment options are available for your sortation needs. From low rate sort arms and pushers to medium rate belt sorters all the way up to high speed sliding shoe sorters, we have the right sorter for your specific application.