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High Level Bulk Container Depalletizers

Valiant presents Busse W-Series and Turbo Series high-level bulk container depalletizers for speeds from 1-10 layers per minute.


Valiant presents the Busse W-Series and the Turbo Series High Level Bulk Depalletizers.

The Classic W Series High Level Bulk Container Depalletizer offers companies looking to automate or upgrade their depalletizing process to an affordable flexible way to put Busse quality and performance to work on their packaging lines.

Quality – Companies that are adding or upgrading automatic depalletizing have discovered that Busse Classic W Series High Level Bulk Depalletizers offer a very cost effective way to put quality, high performing, reliable equipment on their production lines.

The Turbo is a revolutionary high speed high level depalletizer for unloading empty glass, plastic and metal containers. From its sleek design to its state-of-the-art operating system, the Turbo Series Depalletizer offers swift, quiet and efficient performance.

Thanks to its modular design, the Turbo Series High Level Bulk Depalletizer can be customized to meet your current needs, and can be easily expanded to meet your future needs as well. Built for long term durability, the Turbo Series Depalletizer features rugged welded construction and uses the finest components throughout the machine

The pallet conveyor system has been designed for smooth transfer and load staging. It all starts with the solid welded frame construction combined with triple strand chain guided by UHMW track. The standard conveyor control utilizes frequency control drives for smooth acceleration and deceleration of your loads. It also has reversing capability to remove any unwanted loads.

The heavy-duty hoist utilizes a four point chain lift. Each chain has its own dynamic chain tensioning drive guaranteeing smooth lifting of the load.

Once the load has been lifted and is in place the high performance sweep delivers the goods. The Turbos Series sweep carriage is supported in each corner by a unique linear bearing to offer smooth operation.

The Turbo Series frequency controlled variable speed drive ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration during sweep layer transfer, keeping the containers together as they enter the accumulation bed.

The accumulation bed features a modular formed channel construction for strength and rigidity that allows for easy installation and future expansion. The standard low friction plastic belt is supported by a steel slider bed.

W-Series Speed Range

Up to 4 sweeps/minute

Turbo Series Speed Range

Up to 10 sweeps/minute