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Parsons-Eagle S-Series Bag Hanger

The Parsons-Eagle S-Series Bag Hanger is perfect for automatic picking, placing and filling of large pre-made paper or plastic bags at a rate of up to 35 bags per minute.


The Parsons-Eagle S-Series and HS-Series Bag Hangers are reliable systems designed for automatic picking, placing and filling of pre-made paper or plastic bags.

They incorporate pneumatically or servo-driven picker arm actuation and can be configured in single, double or three head designs.

The Parsons-Eagle Bag Hangers are capable of handling a wide range of sizes, with bag placement speeds up to 50 bags per minute per head and are easily integrated with bag reforming and closing conveyors.

Standard features include stainless steel product contact surfaces, toppled bag detection systems,”No-Bag, No-Product” control and a self contained vacuum system with digital vacuum sensing.

Options available include air assist bag inflation, dust control systems and various bag support designs.

No tools are needed for product changeovers.