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MAF RODA Presorting and Packing Line for Round Fruit

New in 2012, used for 3 packing seasons. This all stainless steel MAF – RODA fruit pre-sorting system was purchased and installed to accommodate production overflow for a major fruit packer.

The presort system is designed to receive plastic bins of round fruit (such as apples or pomegranates) from the field and automatically clean, sort, and chemically dip the full bins of cleaned and sorted fruit for long-term storage in the customer cooler at the rate of 240 bins per hour (that’s four (4) bins per minute!!).

This like new high speed fruit sorting line originally cost over $6,000,000. Contact us for more information and for an appointment to see the system – this equipment is still installed and can be cycled!


Description of operation:

  1. A fork lift will deliver the bins of fruit from the field to the system infeed conveyor.
  2. The full bins will be automatically dumped (two at a time) into a flume-type conveyor to be transported to the fruit scrubbing system.  The empty bins will be indexed into a bin stacker and presented on a bin accumulator conveyor for fork lift pickup.

    From the scrubbing system, the fruit passes through a pre-cull manual inspection section, through a rinse/sanitize and dry section and then under the MAF vision system.

  3. The fruit is sorted to five different bin packing stations.  Manual stations on each of the pack stations allow operators to manually remove damaged fruit to a common take-away conveyor to take the fruit to the juice line processing.  Scrap will automatically be removed and conveyed to a scrap bin.
  4. Empty fruit bins will be automatically unstacked and conveyed to the five bin packing stations.  From the bin packing stations, the full bins of fruit will indexed and automatically lifted and dipped/submerged in chemical baths, removed and placed on bin conveyors for fork-lift pickup to be transported to the fruit storage cooler.