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Rondo Compactline Make-up Line

Rondo Compactline Make-up Line, most recently used to produce crackers. Capable of processing other types of dough. Recently removed from service in working order due to change in production. Overall length is approximately 24′.

Main components of the make up line:
Rondo Doge Compactline SPF602.G21, B7092008, 1997, 3-220v 3ph circuits 60hz, Control 24VDC, Min PSI
Rondo Doge Gauger ZKWA607A, C3274206, 2003
Rondo Doge Guillotine ZGP684.C, B7090015, 1997, 80 PSI
Rondo Doge Outfeed conveyor 5′.
Included with the above is a granular depositer for salt or other toppings, water sprayer, multiple cutting wheels, sheeter
spools, and various spare parts.

Note – The last component in the picture of the line is a panner – it is not included.

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