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Spiral Elevator, Spiral Lowerator

Valiant Industries recommends Ryson spiral elevators and spiral lowerators for case and mass container handling applications where a large elevation change is required in a small space.  In addition to  spiral conveyors, Ryson also manufactures spiral curves, mass flow spirals, continuous lifts, vertical accumulation buffers, bucket elevators, incline and decline slat conveyors.

All products can be delivered in powder coated carbon steel, stainless steel, wash down or freezer versions.




Unit Load Spirals

Ryson Spiral Conveyors need less floor space than conventional conveyors and are faster and more reliable than any elevator or lift.



  Multiple Entry and Exit Spiral

The new Multiple Entry Spirals allow loads to enter and exit the spirals from several different elevations. A new high speed induction conveyor provides controlled spiral entry.



Mass Flow Spirals

The Ryson Mass Flow Spirals are designed to handle full and empty bottles, cans, jars and other similar containers up to 2,000 per minute.



Small Footprint: 

The proprietary low friction chain slat belt allow Ryson Spirals to operate within a small footprint, saving valuable floor space. See the chart on next page for specific dimensions on our most popular models.

Horizontal Entry and Exit: 

All Ryson Spirals are designed with a horizontal section at the in and outfeed. This assures a safe and reliable transition between the spiral and adjoining conveyors without product damage and undue wear.

Built in Protection: 

All Ryson Spirals are equipped with an automatic chain tensioning device and built-in overload protection as a standard.

One Drive:

Only one drive motor is required, resulting in substantial savings

in energy, controls and systems integration.

Easy to Install:

Most spirals are shipped in one piece, pre-assembled and pre-tested, drastically reducing time and cost of installation.

Low Noise:

Our proprietary chain slat belt assures a low noise operation, less than 75 db in most cases.

Easy to Field Modify:

The Ryson modular design makes it easy to field modify our spirals  in case of unplanned installation changes or to reconfigure and repurpose the spirals at a later date.

High Throughput:

The spirals convey loads up or down in a continuous flow, facilitating high throughput.  Many spirals can operate at speeds in excess of 200 FPM and are optionally reversible.

Made To Order:

All Ryson Spirals are made to order and comes in a wide range of sizes and configurations. An innovative modular design allows Ryson to customize with ease and to modify in the field to accommodate emerging needs. All spirals are available in 4 basic configurations and accommodates most requirements relating to the location of the in and out feed tangents. The position of the in feed tangent on up spirals and out feed tangent on down spirals can also be customized to meet specific layout requirements. All configurations can operate up or down in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.


All Ryson Spirals are available in powder coated carbon steel, stainless steel and washdown and freezer versions. A wide variety of standard colors are available. Also, ask us about our hybrid versions.