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Indexing Cup, Tub and Tray Filler and Sealer

Filling systems for automatically packaging fresh, frozen, and dry products into pre-made paper and plastic cups, tubs, and trays.


Filling systems for packaging fresh, frozen, and dry products into pre-made paper and plastic cups, tubs, trays, whatever your pre-made container may be.

The denester places the cup/tub/tray/bowl etc onto the indexing conveyor for filling.  The type of  filler to be used will be based on your products – we offer filling solutions for pumpable items to dry and IQF items – or your containers can be manually filled.   Once your product is filled, we seal the container with film from a roll or pre-diecut lids.  Over-cap lid applicators are available to place a lid onto the contain.  Single lane and multiple lane machines run from 40 to 300 cups per minute.

If you already have a filler that needs to be retooled for a new application, let us take a look.  In addition to building fillers, Precision PMD also re-builds and retools indexing fillers made by other manufacturers.

We build container denesters, fillers, sealers, and lidders.  Let us take a look at your application.


Applications include products such as yogurt, breakfast cereals, sour cream, cheese, frosting, margarine, ice cream and novelties, pumpable salads, oatmeal, toppings, potatoes, mac and cheese,  sauces and dips, powdered beverage, hummus, coffee-pods, pet food, pre-made dinners and salads.

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